Lockdown Photo Gallery


Since I was unable to get out-and-about to take photos during the coronavirus pandemic, I took these indoors to keep from going crazy.

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image-2 image-4 image-6 image-7 image-8 image-9 image-10 image-11 image-12 image-13 image-14 image-18 image-19 image-21 image-22 image-23 image-25 image-25 image-26 image-27 image-28 image-29 image-30 image-31 image-32 image-34 image-36 image-38 image-39 image-40 image-41 image-42 image-43 image-44 image-45 image-46 image-47 image-48 image-49 image-50 image-51 image-52 image-57 image-58 image-59 image-61 image-62 image-64 image-65 image-65 image-66 image-69 image-71 image-72 image-74 image-75 image-75 image-77 image-78 image-79 image-82 image-84 image-86 image-89